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O Cosmedics Perth

Looking for O Cosmedics Stockists in Perth?

No matter if your looking for O Cosmedics online or looking to purchase O Cosmedics from a Perth salon we will guide you through the process. Answering questions such as: What is so good about O Cosmedics, How to get the best from of your O Cosmedics products and more.

Why Choose O Cosmedics For Your Skincare?

With so many skincare brands on the market it is sometimes hard to choose which one. While one salon might say how good their skincare is, another salon might tell you to go with their skincare because it's cheaper, it can be very confusing to say the least.

Instead of listening to all the hype and biased opinions from salons that only offer 1 or 2 skincare brands and try to push you to their brands, why not allow the professionals to provide you with a more in-depth opinion?

At Bare Skin and Beauty we offer several skincare brands that stand out to us so we can provide unbiased options for you to choose from. Our onboard Cosmetic Chemists and skin therapists are trained on how the skincare is made and how the skincare will react with your skin so we can point out the difference between the brands and the reasons its suitable for you. 

O Cosmedics is one of the skincare brands we offer in our Perth salon as well as offering it through our online shop because we believe in it. It offers an Australian made option with highly active ingredients that have proven visual results and we have seen the benefits that our Perth customers have got from it over the years. 

The benefits of O Cosmedics are different for each person because we all have different goals and different skin types so if you would like to learn more, book a free consultation so we can go over the benefits in our O Cosmedics Perth salon or book a phone consultation online. 

Is There A O Cosmedics Salon In Perth I Can Purchase Skincare From?

Unlike many of the bigger ecommerce stores who only want to ship your products to you so that they dont mess up their efficiency, Bare Skin and Beauty offer both online O Cosmedics skincare purchases and Instore O Cosmedics purchases from our Perth Salon located in Ellenbrook, East Perth.


Do I Need An O Cosmedics Consultation?

Because O Cosmedics uses active ingredients it is best to get a skincare consultation prior to purchasing O Cosmedics skincare in order to ensure you get the most out of it and to ensure you are buying the correct products. We ensure all our customers are provided with a redeemable O Cosmedics Skincare consultation through our online service, you can also pop into our salon just 20minutes East of Perth to get a full advanced imaging skincare consultation.

What Is An Advanced Imaging Skincare Consultation?

Prior to newer technology therapists would provide a consultation simply by looking at your skin and applying their knowledge to a conclusion that you were of a certain skincare type. Many salons still use that technique these days however it is not the most accurate way to recommend the correct skincare. Many clients were being advised incorrectly and as a result the skincare they got recommended was ineffective or did not provided the full benefits. Skin that was reacting to over exfoliation appeared oily however that was simply because the skincare was making their skin appear oily and in reality their skin needed to be treated as dry in order to reduce the production of oil.

With all O Cosmedics purchases Bare Skin and Beauty Perth salon offer a complimentary Advanced Imaging skin analysis so that you can be sure you're purchasing the correct skincare for your skin.

Advanced imaging looks beneath the skins surface and uses multiple different lights to show different aspects of the skin. Multiple photos are taken and analysed by our skin therapists, and you are provided with the most accurate skincare consultation available, all as part of our complimentary service to you with any O Cosmedic skincare purchase.


Do You Offer O Cosmedics With Free Shipping?

Some websites will only offer free shipping on skincare products when you spend over a certain amount, but you generally won't run out of your whole range of skincare products at the same time. We know how annoying it can be when you want to purchase a single O Cosmedic product but the shipping comes to a significant amount. To show our gratitude to our customers we offer free shipping on O Cosmedic orders whether you buy just a single O Cosmedic Sunscreen or buy the entire O Cosmedic range. From cleanser to Eye serum, we will look after you with free shipping no matter how small your purchase is.

Buy O Cosmedic Skincare Perth

 We Stock a large range of O Cosmedics in Perth including the following:

O Cosmedic Cleanser


O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser


O Cosmedics Nourishing Cleansing Balm


O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser


O Cosmedics Corrective Cleanser & Peel


O Cosmedic Moisturisers


O Cosmedics Immortal Cream


O Cosmedics Rebalancing Cream


O Cosmedics Recovery Cream


O Cosmedics Comfort Cream


O Cosmedic Facials Perth

O Cosmedic Peel
We will choose a O Cosmedics Peel for you based on your Skincare consultation. A peel is selected from our boutique range of O Cosmedics Peels and can be combined with LED or an after treatment O Cosmedic Mask. This can includes O Cosmedics popular Oxygenation Peel & Pumpkin Peels. 
40 mins · $110

O Cosmedics Express Pomegranate Peel
An entry level peel or great as an ongoing treatment. Enzymes work on breaking down the bonds between your skin cells, working with the skin it is a milder treatment to a skin peel but has amazing results.
30 mins · $80

O Cosmedics Express Bio-White Brightening Peel
Looking for Young, Brighter and a better complexion? O Cosmedics Bio White Brightening Peel is designed to help against pigmentation and aging. It contains Vitamin C and unique peptides which are the smallest form of proteins to allow the peel to work better than superficial treatments.
30 mins · $80

O Cosmedics Pomegranate Enzyme Peel + Mask + LED Light Therapy
The ultimate facial treatment, enhance the results of your O Cosmedic Enzyme treatment with a O Cosmedic Mask and LED Light therapy.
1 hour · $170

Visit Bare Skin and Beauty's website to Book your O Cosmedic Treatments Perth

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